AZHOC - Arizona Homeowners Coalition
Voice for homeowner rights and justice.

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We can best serve the 3.5 million homeowners in this state in Common Interest Communities by hearing from you about your experiences in your communities both good and bad. What do you like about your community? What don’t you like? Is peace and tranquility maintained? Are community members engaged? If not why not? If you are managed by a professional organization does the organization help or hinder the transparency and business of the association? Do you have questions that you need answered? We are here for you as peers not attorneys but homeowners with experiences.

By adding to our membership mailing list we will provide you periodic updates and new releases as events dictate. We will share your contact information with no-one outside the organization. We will provide training articles and links to nationwide advocates to help you all understand what your rights are and how to deal with particular situations and issues. But also we will be able to tell lawmakers about our membership in general terms and via the “Jill’s Action Alerts” notify you of opportunities to contact your legislators in support or against any legislation.

Please add your name to our roster and contact list, we will not inundate your inbox with correspondence that you do not desire. If you would like to participate more actively in any way we are always looking for people with skills and talents that we can use to further our cause. You can be a homeowner advocate in your own community, we will provide you the training that you need. Writing articles about your experiences, or simply calling legislators in support or in opposition of legislation. Join our steering committee for consideration of potential legislation, or simply passing the word that our organization exist to help homeowners in any way that we can.

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