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  • “Welcome to our web site, we have created this site as an education tool to support the 3.5 Million Arizona Homeowners living in Common Interest Communities. We believe that knowledge is power, and that the more that homeowners including board members know the truth about their duties and rights retained while living under the Covenants that govern life in your communities the better those communities will be for all their residents. If you have questions about your rights call or write us at the numbers and e-mail address above, we are here to help you from our research and experience. While we are not attorneys and can provide no legal advice, but we can tell you what the plain English of the law says, and what case law has already been established as well as common law for the country relative to issues in these communities. We have provided links to a wealth of information from around the country (  If you have questions about your CC&R’s or Bylaws we have read hundreds of these documents and we can help you understand their content and restriction once provided those documents to read. The state has authorized a Common Interest Community dispute resolution process through the Arizona Dept. of Real Estate  and the department of Administrative law ( This process is narrowly authorized to address violations of the Condominium Act ( or the Planned community Act ( and your community documents which include CC&R’s, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and rules. We again have experience in these petitions and can help you organize your petition and preparation for your petition. All of our support is done with volunteers and there are no fees associated with our support efforts.

  • Beside direct support to homeowners we have established a presence at the State Capital to advocate for all homeowners with the State legislature and the Governor’s office ( We have dedicated volunteers registered lobbyist both presenting legislation to help homeowners and opposing legislation that will adversely impact homeowner.

  • You can help us help you and all the other homeowners in this state by simply joining our organization, free of membership fees( The more members we have the louder our voice is at the State Capital, help us make that voice impossible for our elected officials to ignore. While donations are accepted they are used only to offset the cost of maintaining this web site (Donate Now).

  • If we have been able to support you or your community and you would like to provide a brief 50 word or less testimonial on your experience, please provide that testimonial to, we will post it unedited under simply your first name.


HOA TRUTH. Know the truth and Let it set you Free.

Arizona Home Owners Coalition (AZHOC) is a Statewide Community of both individual and collective home and unit owners working towards HOA Reform in Arizona.

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