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Board of Director Term Limits

What is your coalition’s position on term limits for HOA Board of Directors? Do you think your coalition would have a good chance at persuading legislators in the 2019 legislative session to enact a firm...
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  • From dennisl on Dog attack on dog, common area.


    I’m not an attorney so I cannot give you legal advice. I cannot see any culpability of the association in this situation. Nor am i aware of any association being required in any way to keep a record of these events. Because of your financial loss as well as the loss of your pet you could file a claim in justice (small claims) court against the owner of the other dog.
    I’m sorry for your loss.

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    2019/11/16 at 6:41 am
  • From dennisl on Removal of Community Sign Boards

    Once again unfortunately your situation is all too common in these communities. Despite provisions in the governing documents as citizens of this country we have an unalienable right to freedom of speech. But as with everything all speech is not free, you are not free to make or post false statements about anyone, if you knowing post or even speak falsehoods about anyone you could be held accountable to slander and defamation. But the truth can never be considered slander or defamation if it is a true and accurate statement of facts. There are many communities where homeowners are prevented from communicating with other homeowners relative to community business or issues to protect the power of the board. The board and only the board has the ability to communicate their perspective or position on any issue to the entire community. Opposition to those positions are suppressed in any way possible, and the people casting those opposing positions are demeaned, and belittled and labeled as trouble makers and worse yet targeted for retaliation by the association.

    To this end I’ve presented two pieces of legislation and have obtained sponsors for that legislation to make all of this illegal. One piece of legislation will require associations to distribute to the entire community arguments for or against any issue to be decided by the community. With this the community will be given both sides on anything and then be allowed to make informed decisions for themselves as to how they will vote on the issue. This is what happens with every ballot issue for local municipality and state elections. It should not be different for these communities. The second bill will prevent the association from restricting the posting of signs for or against any issue facing the community or in the door to door soliciting of support or opposition on those issues. It will also prevent the association from disallowing the use of the common or private property for the peaceful assembly of community members for the purpose of discussing or communicating the need for community action on any community related business. The freedom of speech and to assemble is fundamental under our constitution and the principles of Property Servitudes Law clearly states that any provision in the CC&R’s that would unreasonably burden those fundamental constitutional rights are invalid and void. These bills will codify those principles into Arizona Law.

    Proposing legislation is the first step, getting a sponsor to introduce that legislation is the next but the real work comes in getting 16 Senators and 31 Representative and the Governor to vote for that legislation. This is where all of you come in. If you want these protections to come about and stop the abuse and attack of your fundamental rights then you must join us in our fight to get these bills passed. I will be there for all of you talking to every legislator that will listen of the significance and importance of these pieces of legislation and fighting for their passage, but will you stand with me and join that fight or simply watch from a distance and hope that I’m successful.

    Together we can get the legislators to listen to these please for justice, but alone I am simply one voice in the nearly 8 Million People living in this state, that can be easily ignored.


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    2019/10/31 at 12:55 pm
  • From dennisl on Light House Management Company Goodyear AZ - HOA

    Unfortunately the management company works for the board and not the community. While what you describe happens all too frequently in many communities across the state with so called professional community managers and unmanaged communities as well. Your course of action could be to simply get a large contingent of homeowners to show up at a board meeting and demand that the board do something to get their management company under control. They have the power to both ask the management company to rep[lace the community manager or to fire the management company altogether. If they refuse to act you can circulate a petition to remove and replace the entire board. You will need the signature of 25% of the eligible voters and once you have the association is required by law to call a special meeting of the community to vote to remove the board members individually. If a majority is removed the association will be required to hold an election to fill the unexpired terms of the removed board. You want to make sure that you have viable candidate set up that will listen to the concerns of the community and act accordingly.


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    2019/10/28 at 6:41 am
  • From josepha on CCR’s

    Can I request HOA documents via email? Thought the law changed.

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    2019/10/27 at 2:12 pm
    • From dennisl on CCR’s


      Absolutely. The law specifies in writing and e-mail is in writing. When requesting records be as specific as possible, know what you are looking for, and ask for reasonable time periods. Remember the association is only required to provide you access to those records not to provide you copies without cost. Most association records are kept in electronic format so it never hurts to simply ask that the electronic record be provided in an e-mail response. They can say no, but it will be easier for them to simply do that then to print them out so that you can go to the office to view them.


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      2019/10/28 at 6:21 am
  • From P veldt on HOA Account

    Agreed, doesn’t make sense. However, it occurs and numerous out of state hoa management franchisees require funds to be deposited in a national bank in AZ. The FDIC only tracks the summary of deposits in AZ ,not from where these funds originated. I understand the HOA reporting requirements to be minimal in AZ, and suspect is why AZ is the state of choice. I also see this as a way for an out of state franchisor to avoid state tax.

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    2019/10/23 at 11:19 am
  • From dennisl on HOA Account

    P Veldt;
    I’m not exactly sure what you are talking about? Arizona has management companies that are based here only as well as national or multistate companies who also work in Arizona. If you are talking about banking account, I’m not aware of any out of state Common Interest Community that does it’s banking in Arizona. That simply does not make sense to anyone. Again there are multistate banks that have branches in many if not all states, but that does not mean that out of state money is deposited in Arizona banks.
    If you could be a little clearer about what you are looking for maybe I can answer your question?
    Thank You

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    2019/10/21 at 9:14 pm
  • From joyced on Selective enforcement

    We basically have the same thing where we live. Myself and another homeowner went to a meeting in September and brought up the fact that our CCR‘s state that there is no commercial vehicles to be parked here, after much discussion they said they would table it and vote on it at the next meeting, well for the month of October the meeting was canceled meanwhile the homeowners board and management company are trying to figure out what a commercial vehicle is. So until they decide what a commercial vehicle is we are getting more
    Commercial vehicles here. No one is made aware of any homeowners meetings, the only way we knew that October’s meeting was canceled was because the two of us showed up at Septembers meeting and received an email. We need a whole new board but what can you do with only two people that bother to show up at the meetings? Neither the board nor the management company enforce any rules.

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    2019/10/16 at 12:50 pm
    • From dennisl on Selective enforcement


      I understand your frustration, but if it is of any solace you are not alone and your community is no different than most. Clearly the first issue to address is to continue to attend meeting and continue to ask friends and neighbors to also attend and provide your comments to the board on how they should go about using discretion in defining “commercial vehicles” based on what exactly they want to achieve for the community. There is a big difference between a normal car with a commercial decal on it and a 20 ton truck. State laws also protect public service vehicles that need to respond to emergencies. Somewhere in there is a line that will make sense for your community. Help your board find that line and everyone will be better off for it.


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      2019/10/16 at 4:14 pm
  • From Dennis Legere on CCR’s


    For the CC&R’s to be binding and enforceable they must be recorded in the county recorders office, for any county that the development is part of.


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    2019/10/12 at 5:29 am
    • From josepha on CCR’s

      So, my HOA Secretary has a CCR from 2001. I have a copy of ccr’s From 2007 signed by the receiver after the association went into receivership The only CCR ‘s that are recorded is the original in 1992.
      My HOA secretary says his are the right one not mine. It appears that neither are legal?

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      2019/10/13 at 2:41 pm
  • From Bente on HOA harassment, retaliation and falsifying minutes

    Hi Dennis
    I appreciate your answers so much and really enjoy reading truthful information.
    My husband and I are very knowledgeable in this field of finance and real estate, but the last few months fighting with our board and management company had really opened our eyes much wider. We are flabbergasted as to what is going on.
    I have not explained what our original dispute was and right now it really does not matter.
    For almost a year now we have been subject to harassment, retaliation and lies, because we are knowledgeable and speak out.
    We have lived in this community since 2005 and it is only since this president and this new manager that we have felt the need to speak up.
    I would advice anybody to not bother getting an attorney unless you are asking for large damages and even then there are no guarantees.
    It is really hard to be knowledgeable and then constantly being lied to.
    I wish we had learned about your organization earlier.
    Thank you so much for what you do. Reading your responses are like a breath of fresh air.
    Today we are letting everything go and celebrate our experiences. Even though we lost our case we feel like we came out on top.
    Honesty always win and karma is the shits.

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    2019/10/11 at 6:18 pm
    • From Dennis Legere on HOA harassment, retaliation and falsifying minutes


      Thank you for your kind words, please tell all your friends and neighbors about our organization and ask them to join us in our fight for basic fairness and fundamental rights for homeowners. I cannot directly help people that do not know that we are here for them. Together I truly believe that we can make a difference to make these communities places where all the 3.5 million Arizonians living in them, can simply live and enjoy their lives and their homes in peace.


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      2019/10/12 at 5:35 am
  • From Dennis Legere on Audit

    What I need you to do is actually see if the bylaws actually state that the association must do a independent audit annually. It will be specified somewhere. This provision that you cites, implies that it is something that would be available for review, but it does not specify that an audit must be performed annually. This is a records request provision not a financial review provision.

    The law is written to allow three options to any common interest community that does not have a specific provision in the governing documents that require an annual or audit under any frequency. For example if the bylaws state that the association must perform an audit of it’s finances every 5 years then it could do a review or compilation for 4 year and an audit on the 5th year. This does not prevent the association from performing an audit at any time if they believe that it is necessary, which in my opinion is appropriate on some frequency if not annually. If you have ever seen a compilation it is nothing more that a duplication of the year end financial summary and a pretty useless document.


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    2019/10/11 at 5:03 pm
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