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We here in Arizona are not alone, while we have 3.5 Million homeowners in this state alone we are joined by 70 Million other homeowners across the country. There is no issue that happens here that has not happened somewhere else in this country or Canada. We have provided links to reference documents or other web sites of advocates, or videos from news reports from around the country. The opinions expressed in these links are those of their respective owners or authors and not necessarily the opinions of Arizona Homeowners Coalition. If you need help maneuvering thru these links  or would like some specific guidance on what sites would best you’re your situation please contact us at

The Arizona Homeowners Coalition and the AZHOA Homeowner Advocate are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice of any kind. While we may advise you based on our knowledge of the law and experience, you may not use that advice as legal advice in any matter. Please consult an attorney if you are contemplating any legal action.





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