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In honor of Jill Schweitzer:

(This page is a tribute to Ms. Jill Schweitzer whose perseverance and tireless efforts to change legislation  for homeowner’s rights in Arizona will be forever remembered.)

JILL’S ACTION ALERT is dedicated to Jill Schweitzer and her passion to inform and protect future homeowners.

Jill fought to protect potential homeowners by allowing them full access to HOA records before purchasing a home in a home owners association. This included: Financials, Future Assessments and Pending Law Suits.

Just as a prospective home owner is given full access to the records and history of the home they wish to purchase, they should have the same access to HOA records allowing them to make an informed decision.

Jill passed away on October 25, 2016 before her dream was realized, but we at the AZHOC continue to promote legislation to support her goal.

Your Arizona Homeowner Coalition team is constantly monitoring the state Legislature for any activities that would adversely impact homeowners in common interest communities in the state. We will inform you all of the details of that activity and why we either support or oppose that legislation. We meet with Legislators, the governor’s office and state agencies continually to keep your interest and perspective present to all of them. We monitor HOA cases before the Administrative Law Judges and the Arizona Superior, Appellate and Supreme Courts to help keep you all appraised on important cases.

For every Legislative Session we will consider the possibility of proposing changes to legislation to address issues that impact a majority of homeowners in these communities. Unfortunately it is highly unlikely that any legislation that only impacts a small percentage of our community will ever get the support necessary to become law so until we solved the larger issues we cannot spend the time and energy attempting to solve those issue with laws. We will however strive to find ways to help those communities to address those issue in any other way that we can.

In this section we will describe the proposed changes that we are attempting to get introduces for each session. The Legislative sessions start the first week of January and usually end by late April or early May. Approximately 2000 Bills are introduced each year with only about ¼ actually becoming law.

For the 2017 session we were able to get one of those laws passed relative to open meetings and voting.

Let your voices be heard:

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Arizona Homeowners Coalition 2018 Legislative Proposals

General standards for directors, boards, and managing agencies; Duties, Certification, Conflicts of interest, Rule making, Contracts

Foreclosure Reform (revised 1/15/18)

Improvement District

Open meetings and voting

Resale disclosure requirements and fees

Legislation Updates

AZHOC Legislative Update 1-6-18

Call for action on Senate Bill SB1080


We the homeowners, in order to regulate and control our HOA boards and management companies…

Do current laws protect the HOA board and management company? Or do they protect the homeowner and renter?

As a homeowner in an HOA community, what legal rights and protections are in place to protect you?


The following are the current bills that we will be bringing to your attention:

Jill's Action Alerts

HOA laws: Who influences the Legislators?

Most homeowners are struggling to meet their mortgage payments and other obligations while paying a fee to their association. These fees support the HOA industry, creating a business with deep pockets that can afford attorneys and lobbyist to influence laws governing your home.

  • Do these laws favor the homeowner or the HOA industry?
  • Who protects the rights of those living in an HOA community?
  • Who lobbies for the homeowner rights and protections?
  • Who regulates the HOA industry?