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Instructions to AZ Legislature Website

Instructions for creating an account on the Arizona State Legislature web site:

NOTE: ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS, YOU MUST SEND YOUR LOGIN AND PASSWORD TO to be verified. You must be verified before you can vote. This may take a few days.

Note: You can change your password after being verified.

  1. Click here to go the the web page (You will see box below)

Note: When I did this it came up with an ‘ERROR’. But it did create the account. To make sure your account has been created, Click here and ‘Sign into your account’. You will be logged in.

Log out, you are done until verified

How to Log into your account

You must have registered before you can sign in. Go to:

You will see the screen below

  1. Enter your email address and password (see below) then click ‘Sign on’

  1. If correct log in and password, you will see the screen below. You are now logged in.  Note: Your name will be in the top right

How to vote on a Bill at the AZ Legislature

To know which Bills to vote for: Click here for the Homeowners position.