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Donation Goal For This Project is $3,000
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Help us defray the cost of maintaining this website and our outreach and support for homeowners by contributing whatever you can to our effort. While we are a Service Organization we are not a charitable organization and any money donated is NOT tax deductible on your individual income tax return.

Q1 2018

AZHOA Homeowner Advocate 3-31-18 Financials

Q2 2018

AZHOA Homeowner Advocate 6-30-2018 Financials

Q3 2018

AZHOA Homeowner Advocate 9-30-2018 Financials

Q4 2018


We have arranged to accept PayPal contribution to support the Arizona Homeowners Coalition web site and to provide liability protection and support the work of the Association to train homeowners. No contribution will be used in any way to compensate lobbyist for their services or expenses, these are strictly volunteer positions of very dedicated individuals. If you would prefer to not use the PayPal link then you could send checks to AZHOA Homeowner Advocate at 9322 E Calle De Valle Dr., Scottsdale, Arizona 85255. We will acknowledge all contribution with our sincere appreciation.  Quarterly income and expense reports will be posted on the site for all to review.