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Light House Management Company Goodyear AZ – HOA

This company has been reported to the Arizona State Attorney General’s Office for Fraud and not allowing Home Owners to Vote on the Board Members. They are also accused of being Hostile Organization that abuses and harasses home owners with made up and fake Violations. Extorting monies out of Home Owners with false reports of Violations. Do not respond to disputes and have fined Home Owners up to $20,000 in fines and fees for fake issues.

We as home owners are seeking to Petition to remove them or have them Dissolved. They are a non profit incorporated entity.

They are also being reported to AZ Channel 15 for Investigation and to the AZ Dept of Real Estate for looking into their illegal fining practices.

Which is the best way to proceed to remove them or dissolve them?

May need an Attorney I believe?

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  1. dennisl

    Unfortunately the management company works for the board and not the community. While what you describe happens all too frequently in many communities across the state with so called professional community managers and unmanaged communities as well. Your course of action could be to simply get a large contingent of homeowners to show up at a board meeting and demand that the board do something to get their management company under control. They have the power to both ask the management company to rep[lace the community manager or to fire the management company altogether. If they refuse to act you can circulate a petition to remove and replace the entire board. You will need the signature of 25% of the eligible voters and once you have the association is required by law to call a special meeting of the community to vote to remove the board members individually. If a majority is removed the association will be required to hold an election to fill the unexpired terms of the removed board. You want to make sure that you have viable candidate set up that will listen to the concerns of the community and act accordingly.


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